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Automates, streamlines, and manages marketing communication tasks throughout the user's journey.
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Unify omni-channel data to create connected customer experience and extend core capabilities to partners and customers.
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Create user-centered communication and seamless customer experience.
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Leverage data analytics for better decision-making and effective business insight
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Adapt authority management system of corporate framework, ensure account and data security, and reduce over-marketing
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Help retail brands to better understand the individual needs of users, ensure higher consumption conversion rate, and reduce marketing costs.


Industrial manufacturing solutions

Help enterprises identify and follow up key decision makers in time through technology, shorten single order cycle, improve conversion rate, attract and retain customers with reduced efforts.

1分钟极速赛车开奖最快官网 Software services solutions

Get equipped with rapid response capacity of technical services and localized operation based on technology and innovation, and help enterprises establish an outstanding industry position in the fierce market competition.


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Gather user data across online, offline and channel business system, apply SCRM membership marketing system for centralized management, timely understand and respond to user needs, effectively segment user groups for personalized marketing, and improve user satisfaction and loyalty.


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