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Webpower partners with Jingdong Technology for a powerful AI smart outbound call to help brands grow again
Efficient lead conversion + order retrieval + promote repurchase + AI virtual anchor personalized operation


Manpower costs drop



Order conversion rate increase



Sales growth


AI intelligent outbound calling: connecting users across the domain, deep communication to improve conversion

Build consumer multi-channel touchpoints to pull in new/reached users via dong+SMS+phone, etc.
Activate private domain user pools and enhance user value across the lifecycle
Efficient reach to store users, old customer activation wake up, event invitations
User refinement operations, tiered management, personalized marketing of activity nodes
Efficient service reception covering pre-sales, sales and post-sales, with virtual hosts to promote conversion

AI Intelligent Outbound Calling: Efficient traffic conversion across the domain

1. "Find the right people": big data + AI model, multi-dimensional labeling, accurate circle selection of target customer groups
2. "Doing the right thing": grasping key moments in time and automating marketing around scenarios with multiple touchpoints
Choose the optimal communication channel, complete the most timely reach in the most appropriate time.
3. "Take the pulse": post-touch panoramic data analysis to guide the next marketing decisions
4. "Remarketing": secondary marketing, with multiple conditional filters to effectively improve the final reach.
Wake up a large number of dormant users and activate user value

AI Smart Outbound Calling: Order Retrieval + Drive Repurchase

Covering the entire process of private domain, order, and member lifecycle
Helping brands achieve volume and scale to redeem users
Data accumulation for each consumer transaction scenario and deeper understanding of the retail space
Underlying powerful conversation model support for consumption scenarios to meet multi-round conversation capability
Build a complete security architecture solution and multi-layer encryption management for brands
Order scenario tailgate calls for explosive GMV growth at big promotion nodes

Addressing stagnant GMV during periods when the store is not live

Addressing stagnant GMV during periods when the store is not live
7*24 hours live streaming, very low operating cost, improve ROI
Multiple personalized template filters and intelligent script generation to reduce operational configuration costs

Smart Calling + Smart Customer Service

Supports automatic inbound answering and automatic bulk outbound calling
1-to-1 perfect real-life voice reproduction, answering the questions as if they were real

Super learning features to improve communication efficiency
24 hours online to detect and handle customer issues in a timely manner

The system automatically identifies the customer's intention and manages it in a hierarchical manner, resulting in fast order formation
Automatic archiving and text backup of customer voice for repeated listening and viewing

Advantages of AI Intelligent Outbound Calling

Highly bionic:Natural and smooth pronunciation, highly anthropomorphic, simulating real breathing pauses
Strong interaction:Easy to handle more than 10 rounds of conversation, fast recognition of multiple scenes
1 second recognition of 8 seconds of speech, with an accuracy rate of 95%
Multiple scenarios:Private domain scenario (adding fans, in-store invitations), membership scenario
High efficiency:Automatically collect user feedback, produce analytics reports, and automate millions of outbound calls
Low Cost:Perfect replacement for manual labor, saving business costs
Strong security.High security system to prevent data leakage

Medical case: targeting the browsing unordered crowd, combined with the second half price to attract users

A medical category, the main medical equipment, customer unit price of 150 +, the store single product high interest / browse after not ordered crowd, remarketing, combined with the second half price discount strategy, to help the store effectively reach the sales task.

Project results
Effective Reach: 130,000+
Amount sold: 590,000
ROI up to: 40

The beauty case: order scenario tailgate calls for explosive GMV growth at big promotion nodes

A well-known beauty brand that wanted to promote the conversion of its stock of old users in the Double 11 promotion campaign, and to notify and remind users who had not paid the final payment for participating in the pre-sale campaign, to achieve a breakthrough in sales growth and conversion rate across the board.

Pre-sales marketing campaign announcement
Outbound users: 370,000; connection rate: 51%; achieved GMV: 3.65 million; ROI: 38
Reminder of final payment in the middle of sale
Rate of access: 60%; success rate of reminders: 91%

3C Brand Virtual Live Streaming Case

GMV:3 days of 23 hours of broadcasting, with a turnover of 187.4W and an average turnover conversion rate of 27.76%
UV:2.2W+ viewers, including a peak of 1.1W UVs in a single day

Fan Conversion Rate: 2W+ viewers with an average fan conversion rate of 0.84%.
Conversion rate: 27.76%
Real live fans convert at 1.2% and virtual live fans convert at around 1%, so in your free time, virtual can completely replace real live and boost ROI.