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Software services solutions


Get equipped with rapid response capacity of technical services and localized operation based on technology and innovation, and help enterprises establish an outstanding industry position in the fierce market competition.

Industry Status Quo and Pain Points

The urgent need to increase brand awareness among fierce market competition; The urgent need to improve conversion rate of users' official website registration through multi-channel marketing;
The urgent need to fully tap into user segments, improve user retention rate, cultivate loyalty, and extend user life cycle; Corporate scale starts to take shape with heavy load of marketing tasks and insufficient manpower allocation, thus an efficiency tool is needed to improve operational efficiency.

Lack of product awareness

High cue turnover ratio

Messy user labels

Incomplete life cycle

Ⅰ. Unified management of cues and timely response to new users

The most common way for software service industry to direct cues is to collect visitor information through websites. Website registration and subscription forms are often the first step to get acquainted with cues. DMARTECH platform can automatically welcome new users, distribute newcomer gifts or learning materials at initial stage.
In addition, potential customers can be attracted through various channels such as social media, advertising click and offline promotion. DMARTECH platform can manage cues from all channels in a unified way, which will solve the problem of scattered marketing means in the technology industry.

automatic transmission

Use the Dmartech platform to automate newcomer welcome, distribute newcomer gifts or learning materials for the awareness phase, etc.

unified management

The Dmartech platform unifies the management of leads from all channels, which will solve the challenge of fragmented marketing tools in the tech industry

Ⅱ. Accurate marketing of segmented customers, to attract and retain customers


Only 5% - 25% of potential customers contacted for the first time are ready for purchase, and most of them are in the stage of information collection.
In face of loads of complicated marketing contents, how can we ensure our marketing contents stand out for potential customers?


Through target audience positioning and segmentation, we are able to ensure personalized and cross-channel marketing, so that users equipped with different roles and ideas can get the content they want to obtain, and respond according to guidance, such as participating in an activity or follow a product.

Ⅲ. Comprehensively determine the purchase intention of potential customers and customize exclusive conversion strategy

Through cue behavior data, label system and cue score, comprehensively determine purchase intention of potential customers, customize exclusive conversion strategy for customers in different stages, and establish contact with potential customers in the most appropriate way with preset automatic rules.
Finally, transfer cues to sales or business personnel at the right timing, for example, incorporate potential customers in need of manual follow-up into the e-sales list, establish stable communication and trust, improve purchase rate, and finally ensure transaction closure.

Ⅳ. Enhance customer loyalty and customer stickiness

It's more difficult to improve loyalty and stickiness than to attract customer for first-time transaction.

Step1: The first step in maintaining a stable relationship is, of course, to continue to provide marketing contents for customers (e-mail subscriptions, e-journals, etc.).
Step2:When sending contents, please opt for the most effective channel, because different customers may focus on different information channels.
Step3:Improve cooperation between sales and marketing departments, constantly optimize marketing strategies and improve ROI through data analysis and review.